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The 1[commissioner] or Collector or any officer duly empowered, who has reason to believe that an offence under Chapter III has been or is being or is likely to be, committed in any place, may —

(a) enter such place 2[at any time] by day or by night with any person whose assistance he may consider necessary.

3[(aa) in case of resistance, break open any lock or any door and remove any obstacle to his entry into any such place.]

(b)search any such place in which he has reason any opium, or instrument of smoking, or any in the preparation of opium, is kept or concealed

(c) detain and search, and, if he thinks proper, arrest any person found in such place or whom he has reason to believe to have committed an offence punishable under Chapter III, and

(d) seize all opium and instruments of smoking and any apparatus used in the preparation of opium which may be found in such place or on or about such person 1[and also any document or other article which he has reason to believe may furnish evidence of the commission of an offence under this Act].

1. This word was substituted for the word “Director” by Mah. of 1973, S. 3. Sch

2. These words were inserted by Born. 19 of 1959, S. 19 (b).

3. Clause (aa) was inserted, ibid., S. 19 (c).

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