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2[(1) Whenever any person is convicted of an offence punishable under this Act, the court convicting such person, may, at the time of passing sentence on such person, order him to execute a bond for a sum proportionate to his means, with or without sureties, for abstaining from the commission of offences punishable under the provisions of this Act during such period, not exceeding three years, as it may direct.

(2) The bond shall be in such form as may be provided under the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898; and the provisions of the said Code shall, in so far as they are applicable, apply to all matters connected with such bond, as if it were a bond to keep the peace ordered to be executed under section 106 of the said Code.]

(3) If the conviction is set aside on appeal or otherwise, the bond so executed shall become void.

(4) An order under this section may also be made by an appellate court or by the High Court when exercising its power of revision.

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