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(1) The Health Officer of the local supervisory authority or the Civil Surgeon of the district in which a nursing home is situated or any other officer duly authorised by the local supervisory authority or the Civil Surgeon, may, subject to such general or special

orders as may be made by the local supervisory authority, at all reasonable times enter and inspect any premises which are used, or which that officer has reasonable cause to believe to be used, for the purpose of nursing home, and inspect any records required to be kept in accordance with the provisions of this Act:

Provided that nothing in this Act shall be deemed to authorise any such officer to inspect any medical record relating to any patient in a nursing home.

(2) If any person refuses to allow any such officer to enter or inspect any such premises as aforesaid, or to inspect any such records as aforesaid or obstructs any such officer in the execution of his powers under this section, he shall be guilty of an offence under this Act.

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