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(1) Subject to the provisions of this Act and the rules, the local supervising authority shall, on the receipt of an application for registration, register the applicant in receipt of the nursing home named in the application and issue to him a certificate of registration in the prescribed form:

Provided that the local supervisory authority may refuse to register the applicant if it is satisfied-

(a) that he, or any person employed by him at the nursing home, is not a fit person, whether by reason of age or otherwise, to carry on or to be employed at a nursing home of such a description as the nursing home named in the application; or

(b) that the nursing home is not under the management of a person who is either a qualified medical practitioner or a qualified nurse and who is resident in the home, or that there is not a proper proportion of qualified nurses among the persons having the superintendence of or employed in the nursing of the patient in the home; or.

(c) that in the case of a maternity home it has not got on its staff a qualified midwife; or

(d) that for reasons connected with the situation, construction, accommodation, staffing or equipment, the nursing home or any premises used in connection therewith are not fit to be used for a nursing home of such a description as the nursing home mentioned in the application or that the nursing home or premises are used or are to be used for purposes which are in any way improper or undesirable in the case of such nursing home.

(2) A certificate of registration issued under this section shall, subject to the provisions of section 7, be in force and shall be valid until the 31st day of March next following the date on which such certificate was issued.

(3) The certificate of registration issued in respect of a nursing home shall be kept affixed in a conspicuous place in the nursing home.

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