Section 5   [ View Judgements ]


(1) The State Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, appoint such persons as it thinks fit, having the prescribed qualifications to be Inspectors for the purposes of this Act within such local limits as it may assign to them, respectively

Provided that no person who has any financial interests in the transport, sale, supply or distribution of molasses shall be appointed as an Inspector under this sub -section.

(2) Every such Inspector shall, subject to the control of the State Government and 4[the Commissioner,] have power to inspect at all reasonable times the stocks of molasses held by any person or sugar factory, take samples from such molasses for analysis or testing or examine licences, permits, records, books, accounts, retums, documents or statements in the possession or custody of any person or sugar factory relating to transactions in molasses.

(3) Every such Inspector shall exercise such other powers and perform such functions as may be conferred or imposed on him by or under this Act.

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