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8(1) The State Government may, either before or after institution of any proceedings for any offence punishable under this Act, sanction the acceptance from any person charged with such offence, by way of composition of the offence, such sum of money as it may determine and may direct the release of any property which has been seized as liable to forfeiture under this Act on payment of the value thereof as estimated by it or by such officer as it may authorise in this behalf.

(2) On the payment by such person of such sum of money, or such value, or both, as the case may be, such person, if in custody, shall be set at liberty and the property seized may be released. If any proceedings shall have been instituted against such person in any Criminal Court, the composition shall be deemed to amount to an acquittal and in no case shall any further proceedings be taken against such person or property with reference to the same facts.]

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