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Section 616   [ View Judgements ]

Interpretation of documents of blind persons

When a pleading, affidavit or any other document is required to be interpreted to a blind person, the Interpreter shall read and interpret the pleading, affidavit or document to the blind person in the presence of an Officer authorised to administer oaths. The said Officer shall certify at the foot of the pleading, affidavit or document that the pleading, affidavit or document was read and interpreted in his presence to the party concerned, that the said party seemed perfectly to understand it and that he subscribed his signature or mark to the document in question in the presence of the officer. No such pleading, affidavit or document shall be used in evidence in the absence of such certificate, unless the Court is otherwise satisfied that the document in question was read and interpreted to and appeared to be perfectly understood by the party concerned.

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