Section 403   [ View Judgements ]

Procedure on affidavit in support of caveat being filed

(i) Upon the affidavit in support of the caveat being filed, the petition shall be numbered as suit in which the petitioner shall be the plaintiff and the caveator shall be defendant. Notice of the fact that the petition has been

renumbered as a suit shall be given by the Prothonotary and Senior Master to the petitioner or his Advocate on record. The notice shall be in Form No.117. The petition shall be treated as the plaint and the affidavit in support of the caveat shall be treated as the written statement of the caveator. The procedure in such suit shall, as nearly as may be, be according to the procedure applicable to civil suits on the Original Side of the Court.

ii) Where there are two or more caveators and each of them has filed an affidavit in support of his caveat, separate suit numbers shall not be given

to the petition, but all the caeators shall become party defendants in one suit.

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