Section 296   [ View Judgements ]

Judgement how passed

(i) The judgment shall be pronounced in open Court and a minute thereof made by the Officer attending in Court;

(ii) A judgment delivered by the Court, when initialled by the Judge pronouncing it, either on the transcript of the Judgment or on the approval sheet attached to it, shall be final Judgment of which copies could be supplied to the parties or their Advocates, unless the Judge delivering it desires that he want to have a fair copy of the Judgment for approval. In the latter event, the Judgment shall be considered to be final when the fair copy is approved and initialled by the Judge;

(iii) Where Judgment has been reserved in a Suit, Appeal or Matter heard by a Division Bench or a Special Bench, consisting of two or moreJudges, and all of them are not available for sitting together at one place, such Judgment may be pronounced by any of the Judges, who heard the Suit, Appeal or Matter after the transcript or the transcripts of the Judgment is or have been initialed by all the Judges who heard the Suit, Appeal or Matter. ]

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