Section 11   [ View Judgements ]

Obligation to pay money into a “client account”

Every Advocate who holds or receives money on account of a client (save money hereinafter expressly exempted from the application of this Rule) shall forthwith pay such money to a current or deposit account at bank to kept in the name of the Advocate in the title of which the word, “client” shall appear (hereinafter referred to as “client account”). An Advocate may keep one client account or as many such accounts as he thinks fit:

Provided that when an Advocate receives a cheque or draft representing in part money belonging to the client and in part money due to the Advocate, he may, where practicable, split the cheque or draft and pay to the client account that part only which represents money belonging to the client. In any other case he shall pay the whole of such cheque or draft into the client account.

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