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Subject to such conditions as it may impose, the State Government may, if it considers it necessary in the public interest so to do, by notification in the Official Gazette, exempt 2[whether prospectively or retrospectively,] the consumption of energy in the whole or any part of the State, in respect of any class of premises or purposes or in respect of energy consumed upto a specified limit, from payment of the whole or any part of the electricity duty payable under Part A, 3[Part B, Part E, Part F or Part H] of the Schedule to this Act.]

1. Section 5 A was inserted by Mah. 26 of 1962, S. 4.

2. These words were deemed always to have been inserted from 1st October, 1962, by Mah. 45 of 1973, S. 3.

3. Substituted by Mah. Act 13 of 1986, S. 5

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