(1) A person, on appointment in the Board as Chairman or a Member shall be entitled to leave as follows :

(i) Earned leave at the rate of thirty days for every completed calendar year of service or a part thereof:

Provided that the leave account shall be credited with earned leave, in advance, in two instalments of fifteen days each on the first day of January and July of every calendar year: Provided further that earned leave at the credit at the close of previous half year shall be carried forward to the next half year, subject to the condition that the leave so carried forward plus credit for the half year do not exceed the maximum limit of one hundred and eighty days.

(ii) Half pay leave on medical certificate or on private affairs at the rate of twenty days in respect of each completed year of service and the leave salary for half pay leave shall be equivalent to half of the leave salary admissible during the earned leave.

(iii) Leave on half pay may be commuted to full pay leave at the discretion of the Chairman or a Member, provided it is taken on medical grounds and is supported by medical certificate by a competent medical authority.

(iv) Extraordinary leave without pay and allowances up to a maximum period of one hundred and eighty days in one term of office.

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