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In this Act. unless the context otherwise requires.-

(a) "Bhopal gas leak disaster" or "disaster" means the occurrence on the 2nd and 3rd days of December. 1984. which involved the release of highly noxious and abnormally dangerous gas from a plant in Bhopal (being a plant of the Union Carbide India Limited, a subsidiary of the Union Carbide Corporation, U.S.A.) and which resulted in loss of life and damage to property on an extensive scale:

(b) "claim'' means-

(i) a claim, arising out of or connected with, the disaster, for compensation or damages for any loss of life or personal injury which has been, or is likely to be. suffered:

(ii) a claim, arising out of or connected with the disaster, for any damage to property which has been or is likely to be, sustained:

(iii) a claim for expenses incurred or required to be incurred for containing the disaster or mitigating or otherwise coping with the effects of the disaster: (iv) any other claim (including any claim by way of loss of business or employment) arising out of. or connected with. the disaster:

(c) "claimant" means a person entitled to make a claim:

(d) "Commissioner" means the Commissioner appointed under section 6-:

(c) "person" includes the Government:

(f) "Scheme" means a Scheme framed under section 9.

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