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Disposal of lands no longer required for embankments

Whenever, in consequence of the construction or alteration of any public embankment, the maintenance of any other public embankment, or the retention of any land appropriated to the purposes thereof, may no longer be required, and the permanent relinquishment of the same may be deemed expedient by the officer in charge of the embankments, it shall be lawful for the Collector to dispose of the site of the embankment, or of the land so abandoned, by public sale : and all the provisions of the law for the time being in force in regard to sales of land in default of payment of the Government revenue shall be applicable, so far as the same may be reasonably applied to sales under the provisions of this section.

The proceeds or such sales shall, after the payment of all expenses incurred on account of the same, be applied to the payment of the cost of the new land taken up for embankment purposes, and in such case the residue only of the cost of such new land shall be apportioned among the owners of lands benefited as hereinbefore provided.

Provided that it shall not be competent to the Collector to sell in the manner aforesaid any land which shall not have been taken up for embankment purpose under the provisions of this Act.

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