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Expenses of sluice apportioned where lands of different owners benefited

When application has been made to the Collector under Section 8 of the said Act XXXII of 1855 for the construction of a sluice in any public embankment, and in the opinion of the Collector lands, the property of other persons as well as of the person making the application, will be benefited by the construction of the sluice, the expense of such construction may be assessed upon and recovered from such persons in such shares or proportions as shall in the opinion of the Collector, be equivalent to the benefit derived by their lands respectively :

Provided nevertheless, that notice in writing shall be served on all such persons, stating that it is proposed to make such sluice, the probable expense thereof, and that an inquiry will be held at a place and hour specified, for the purpose of apportioning the expense of such construction among the persons to be benefited thereby, and that such person is supposed to be likely to be benefited thereby.

And such notice may be served, and such inquiry shall be held, and such award shall be made, subject to the same rules, powers and provisos in all respects as is hereinbefore provided in the case of the apportionment of the cost of land required for embankments.

And the said award shall be final : but a civil suit may be brought to recover any excess with which any such person may be charged from persons who ought to have been charged but have not been charged with any portion of the expense or against whom less has been awarded than their fair proportion, as hereinbefore provided with respect to the apportionment of the cost of land.

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