Section 4   [ View Judgements ]

Power to make award stating names of owners of lands benefited and proportion of cost payable

The Collector shall and may after such inquiry make an award, in which he shall find and state the names of the persons whose lands will be or are benefited by the constructions, alteration or extension of such embankment and the proportion of the cost of the land and the expense of its acquisition (including therein the cost of the said inquiry which they ought, respectively, to bear.

No appeal, from award, but one owner may recover from another not assessed or under-assessed-No appeal shall lie from the award of the Collector.

But it shall be competent to the owner of any land assessed to a larger amount than his fair proportion to recover such excess in the Civil Court from the owner of any land or estate benefited thereby upon whom no assessment has been made or a smaller amount has been assessed then ought to have been awarded against him :

Provided that in such suit no more shall be recovered from any person than the amount to which he ought to have been assessed where he has not been required to contribute, or the amount by which the sum he was required to pay was less than his fair proportion where he has been required to contribute.

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