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Charging cost of land acquired, where lands of different owners benefited

In cases where lands, the property of different owners, will, in the opinion of the Collector, derive benefit from the construction, alteration or extension of any public embankment, and it is necessary to acquire land for the purpose of such construction, alteration or extension, it shall be lawful for such Collector to charge the' cost of such land and the expense attending its acquisition upon the persons so deriving such benefit, in such proportions as in his opinion shall be equivalent to the benefit derived by their lands respectively.

Before assessing such contribution, the Collector shall cause a notice to be served on each of such persons, in which it shall be stated what land is being taken, and the purpose for which it is required, and that the lands of such person will derive benefit from the execution of the works, and giving him notice that an inquiry will be held, at a day and place to be named, for the purpose of apportioning amongst the persons whose lands will be benefited by the intended works the cost of the land and the expense of acquiring it.

In case such person does not reside within the district in which his lands are situate, the notice may be served upon his agent, or, if he has no agent therein, it will be sufficient to affix the notice upon some conspicuous part of his estate.

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