Statement of Object

Messrs. Alcock Ashdown and Company Limited was incorporated on 17-3-1884 at Bombay. The Company owns two plants, one at Bombay and the other at Bhavnagar. Its activities which are included in the list of priority industries, comprise of Light and Heavy Structurals, Transmission Line Towers, Railway Points and Crossings, Ship Repairs, Boat Building, Marine Diesel Engines, etc.2. The Company which was making substantial profits till 1965 started declining from 1969 onwards and came to a close in January, 1971. The affairs of the Company were subsequently investigated by the Government through an Investigation Committee and the report revealed that while the deterioration in the performance of the Company was caused by a number of factors, the primary cause was the serious lapse on the part of the management in running the Company.3. After the closure of the Company, on the application of one of its unsecured creditors, an order for the winding up of the Company was made by the Bombay High Court on 13-1-1972. After the winding up order, on the application of the Bank of Maharashtra one of the secured creditors of the Company, a Receiver was appointed by the High Court for looking after the interests of the secured creditors. The Official Receiver has now invited tenders regarding the auctioning of the properties of the Company at Bombay and Bhavnagar.4. As the Company was formerly engaged in the boat building, ship repairs and the production of marine diesel engines, and was also engaged in the production of goods which are essential to the needs of the country in general and defence departments in particular, the necessity to revive the activities of the Company for the production of goods for the various strategic use was carefully considered. After considering all the aspects of the matter, it is felt that it is expedient, in public interest, to acquire, on payment of a sum of rupees one crore, the undertakings of Messrs. Alcock Ashdown and Company Limited at Bombay and Bhavnagar. The Bill seeks to achieve the said object.

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