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140C . Route Guide

All aircraft of the Corporation engaged in scheduled air transport services shall carry a Route Guide, which shall, in addition to any other relevant information, contain the following that is to say:-

(a) communication facilities, navigation aids and a list of aerodromes, available on the route to be flown,

(b) instrument 'let down' procedure for aerodromes on the route, or those likely to be used as 'alternates',

(c) meteorological minima for each of the aerodromes on the route to be flown and that are likely to be used as regular or alternate aerodromes, and

(d) specific instructions for computation of the quantities of fuel and oil to be carried on each route, having regard to all circumstances of the operation, including the possibility of the failure of one or more engines of the aircraft. [1]


1. Inserted by SRO No. 768 dated 2-4-1955

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