(1) The Society shall implement the directions given by the Central Government from time to time in exercise of the powers conferred on it underSec. 10 (6)-andSec. 12-of the Act.

(2) Any such direction shall be addressed to the President.

(3) Notwithstanding anything contained in Regulation 69 of the Regulations of the Asiatic Society, on receipt of a direction of the Central Government, the President shall place the matter before the Council within 10 days of the receipt of such direction, if necessary, by calling an emergency meeting, for adoption of the said direction of the Central Government.

(4) The President shall arrange to communicate to the Central Government the decisions of the Council before the expiry of the deadline indicated in the said direction of the Central Government.

(5) In case the Council adopts the said Government direction, it shall be deemed that any provision of the Memorandum/Rules/Regulations/Bye-laws has been amended or any priorities about the work directed under the said Central Government direction have come into operation on the date such direction is adopted by the Council.

(6) In case no communication is received from the Society on or before the expiry of the time limit stipulated in the direction, the said amendment will be deemed to have come into force on the expiry of the date indicated in the said direction of the Central Government.

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