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- (1) The Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, constitute as many committees, as and when it considers it necessary, consisting of such number of persons as it thinks fit to appoint thereto and assign to each such committee all or any of the. following duties, namely:-

(a) the preparation and submission to the Central Government, as far as possible before the commencement of each financial year of statements showing programmes of work agreed to be undertaken by the Society during that year for which the Central Government may provide funds as well as general financial estimates in respect of such work;

(b) the settlement on broad lines of the programmes of such work.

(2) A committee constituted under sub-section (1) shall, in discharging its duties with respect to any matter under this section have due regard to the advice, if any, tendered in respect of such matter under section 8-by the Board to the Central Government.

(3) Where the Society does not agree to undertake any work suggested by any committee referred to in sub-section (1), it shall give to the Central Government its reasons for not so agreeing.

(4) The procedure to be followed by a committee constituted under sub-sec. (1) in the discharge of its functions, the allowances if any, payable to the members of such committee and other matters relating to such committee shall be such as may be prescribed.

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