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The Central Government may, by order notified in the Official Gazette, make such incidental, supplementary or consequential provisions as, in its opinion, are necessary to secure that the transfer of the assets and liabilities of the transferor company to the transferee company are fully and effectively carried out, and in particular and, without prejudice to the generality ot such power, provision may be made by order notified in the Official Gazette-

(a) for adapting the terms of contracts entered into between the transferor company and any other person before the commencement of this Act, so as to conform to the changes consequent on the passing of this Act in the circumstances in which the contracts will fall to be performed after such commencement;

(b) for requiring any person concerned with the keeping of the register of the holders of any securities or investments now transferred to the transferee company, to forthwith register the transferee company therein and to issue to the transferee company the appropriate documents of title relating to the securities or investments transferred to it;

(c) for the continuation by or against the transferee company of any legal proceedings pending by or against the transferor company.

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