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(1) The 4[5[State] Government] [or, in a State for which there is a Board of Revenue or Financial Commissioner, such Board or Financial Commissioner, subject to the control of the 4[5 [State] Government] may, from time to time,7[* * *] make rules8 as to loans to be made to owners and occupies of arable land, for the relief of distress, the purchase of seed or cattle, or any other purpose not specified in the Land Improvement Loans Act, 1883, but connected with agricultural objects.

(2) All such rules shall be published in the 9[Official Gazette].

4. Substituted by A. 0. for "Local Government".

5. Substituted for "Provincial" by A. L. 0., 1950.

7. The words "subject to the control of the G.-G. in C."were repealed by the Decentralization Act, 1914 (IV of 1914), S. 2 and Schedule, Pt. 1.

8. For rules under this power, see different local Rules and Orders.

9. Substituted by A. 0. for "local official Gazette".

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