Section 44   [ View Judgements ]


The auditors shall examine the accounts and forward to the State Government a statement thereof in the prescribed form, together with a report thereon and a certificate signed by them showing-

(a) whether the accounts have been audited in the prescribed manner;

( b) whether, so far as can be ascertained by such audit, the accounts contain a full and true account of everything which ought to be inserted therein;

(c) whether the books which by any rules made under this Act are directed to be kept by the Administrator-General, have been duly and regularly kept; and

(d) whether the assets and securities have been duly kept and invested and deposited in the manner prescribed by this Act, or by any rules made thereunder; or (as the case may be) that such accounts are deficient, or that the Administrator-General has failed to comply with this Act or the rules made thereunder, in such respects as may be specified in such certificate.

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