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(1) Appointment to the post shall be made by direct recruitment.

(2) For Purposes of recruitment, the Government shall constitute a committee for each district.

(3) The committee shall consist of –

(i) the Secretary, Board of Revenue (L.R.);

(ii) the Collector of the District; and

(iii) the Additional Collector or where there is no Additional Collector, the District Revenue Officer:

Provided that in a district where there is no Additional Collector or District Revenue Officer, the committee shall consist of –

(i) the Secretary, Board of Revenue (L.R.)

(ii) the Collector of the District; and

(iii) the personal Assistant to the Collector (General)

(4) The District Collector shall call for applications for appointment to the post by means of an advertisement in one or more local papers giving 15 days clear notice.

(5) The eligible candidates shall be interviewed by the committee at the place and time to be specified by the committee.

(6) The committee shall interview the candidates, assess their performance and award marks subject to the maximum specified as follows;-


(a) General Knowledge 10

(b) Personality 10

(c) Aptitude for the Village Administration 10

(7) After assessing the performance of the candidates, the committee shall assign the rank of the selected candidates and fix the order of interse seniority districtwise.

(8) The Collector shall allot candidates from out of the list of selected candidates to each of the revenue divisions and send the list of allotted candidates to the Revenue Divisional Officer.

(9) While making the selection, the committee shall besides selecting the required number of candidates as per the vacancies notified to it by the Collector of the District select 5 percent above the number of vacancies notified to it. This list shall be kept separately as a waiting list which shall be operative for a period of one year.

(10) The selection made by the committee shall be final and shall not be questioned in a Court of Law.

(11) A Candidate who is selected and informed of his appointment should join the post within a period of fifteen days from the date of the communication of the appointment order. Failure to join the post within the said period without adequate reasons shall render the candidate liable to forfeit his appointment.

The decision of the appointing authority as to the adequacy of the reasons shall be final.

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