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T.N. Godavarman Thirumulpad v/s Union of India & Others

    IA.No. 3037 in Writ Petition (Civil) No(s). 202 of 1995 with Conmt.Pet.(Civil)No. 235 of 2011. Etc.

    Decided On, 18 November 2011

    At, Supreme Court of India


    For the Appearing Parties: P.S. Narasimha, Sr. Advocate.(A.C.), Gaurav Agrawal, K. Parameshwar, Haris Beeran, P.K. Manohar, Jitendra Mohapatra, Ajay Sharma, Shibashish Misra, Ajay Sharma, L.R. Singh, Asha Gopalan Nair, S. Sanyal, Manish Pitale, Wasi Haider, Chander Shekhar Ashri, Madhavi Divan, Sanjay V. Kharde, Asha Gopalan Nair, Atul Jha, Dharmendra Kumar Sinha, Rajesh, J.P. Dabral, S.S. Shamshery, Rachna Srivastava, Pratap Venugopal, Gaurav Nair, M/S. K.J. John & Co., Ramesh Babu M.R., Manish Pitale, Wasi Haider, C.S. Ashri, Asha Gopalan Nair, Dr. Manish Singhvi, AAG, Abhinav Ramkrishna, Milind Kumar, Sushil Kumar Jain, V. Giri, Sr. Advocate, S. Ravi Shankar, B. Vinodh Kanna, Anitha Shenoy, Nupur K., G. Ramakrisha Prasad, B. Suyodhan, C.K. Sucharita, J.P. Dabral Rachna Srivastava, J.P. Dabral, Rachna Srivastava, J.P. Dabral, Rachna Srivastava, J.P. Dabral, Rachna Srivastava, J.P. Dabral, Rachna Srivastava, J.P. Dabral, Rachna Srivastava, J.P. Dabral, Rachna Srivastava, J.P. Dabral, Rachna Srivastava, Anoop G. Chaudhary, Sr. Advocate, June Chaudhary, Sr. Advocate, R.D. Rathore, Prabhat, Sumeda Chaudhary, Dr. Kailash Chand, D.K. Sinha, M.L. Lahoty, Paban K. Sharma, Gargi B. Bharali, Sukumar Agarwal, Himanshu Shekhar, Gopal Singh, Ravi Bhushan, Dr. Sarbjit Sharma, CGSC, Sumit Sharma, Syed Tanweer Ahmed, Sarbjit Sharma, Savitri Pandey S.N. Terdal, Tarun Johri, D.S. Mahra, P.P. Malhotra, ASG, R.K. Rathore, Aditya Sharma, S.N. Terdal, Manjit Singh, AAG, Sajay Kumar Rathee, DAG, Vivekta Singh, Tarjit Singh, Kamal Mohan Gupta, Sarvesh Singh, A. Venayagam Balan, Shishpal Laler, N.P. Midha, Balbir Singh Gupta, Shreekant N. Terdal, Kamal Mohan Gupta, Shree Pal Singh, P.S. Patwalia, Sr. Advocate, Jitendra Mohan Sharma, Vibhor Verdhan, Rakesh K. Khanna, Sr. Advocate, Aseem Mehrotra, Rajesh Prasad Singh, Shefali Jain, Seema Rao, R.P. Singh, Narender Hooda, AAG, Alok Sangwan, Chinmoy Padip Sharma, Tapesh Kumar Singh, Samir Ali Khan, Devashish Bharuka, Tapesh Kumar Singh, Meera Mathur, V. Shekhar, Jatin Zaveri, Pratibha Jain, Anil Katiyar, D.S. Mahra, Rauf Rahim, Aruneshwar Gupta, Dr. Manish Singhvi, AAG, Abhinav Ramkrishna, Milind Kumar, R.K. Rathore, C.K. Sharma, Aditya Sharma, Savitri Pandey, A.K. Rathor, C.K. Sharma, S.N. Terdal, Satya Siddiqui, S.K. Mishra, T.S. Doabia, Sr. Advocate, Dr. Chaudhary Shamsuddin Khan, Manpreet Singh Doabia, D.S. Mahra, Syed Tanweer Ahmed, Anil Kumar Sharma, S.N. Terdal, Vijay Panjwani, Anitha Shenoy, Vibha Dutta Makhija, Hemantika Wahi, Suveni Banerjee, R.K. Rathor, Harish K., R.S. Nagar, Dr. Manish Singhvi, AAG, Abhinav Ramkrishna, Milind Kumar, Asha G. Nair, Krishnanand Pandey, T.N. Singh, Rajeev Dubey, Kamlendra Mishra, Rachna Srivastava, B.S. Banthia, D.K. Singh, Gopal Singh, Ravi Bhushan, Anil Srivastava, Rituraj Biswas, Hemantika Wahi, Suveni Banerjee, Rozyiyn P., M/S Corporate Law Group, R.S. Jena, T.V. George, Naresh K. Sharma, Prashant Bhushan, Anitha Shenoy, Shibashish Mishra, Rachna Srivastava, Asha G. Nair, Shivaji M. Jadhav, Ravindra Srivastava, Sr. Advocate, T.N. Singh, Rajeev Dubey, Kunal Verma, Kamlendra Mishra, M/S Karanjawala & Co., Prakash Kumar Singh, Madhavi Divan, Sanjay V. Kharde, Asha G. Nair, Shiv Kumar Suri, Bina Madhavan, G. Prakash, EMS Anam, Gopal Singh, Ravi Bhushan, Subhro Sanyal, Ashok Bhan, Sr. Advocate, A.G. Garg, Dulichand, S.N. Terdal, B.K. Prasad, Himinder Lal, B.S. Banthia, Irshad Ahmad, Asha G. Nair, Anitha Shenoy, Himinder Lal, Asha G. Nair, Anitha Shenoy, Vikas Singh, Sr. Advocate, Vivek Singh, L.R. Singh, B.S. Banthia, C.D. Singh, Lalitha Kaushik, Shekhar Naphade, Sr. Advocate, Manish Pitale, Neeraj Shekhar, Sanjay Upadhyay, Tushar T. Naysa Ahuja, Sumita Hazarika, Suresh A. Shroff & Co. Subromonium Prasad, Khaitan & Co., K.V. Vishwanathan, Sr. Advocate, Suryanaryana Singh, Pragati Neekhra, Naresh K. Sharma, Advocates.

Judgment Text

IA NO.3037 IN W.P(C)No.202/1995 with Conmt.Pet.(Civil)No.235/2011 In W.P(C)No.202/1995

1. Two weeks time is granted to State of Orissa to seek instructions.

List immediately after two weeks.

I.A.NOS.3058-3060 IN W.P.(C)No.202/1995

2. The applications are disposed of directing the applicant to approach the National Board for Wild Life (NBWL) for appropriate permission. After the decision of NBWL, liberty is granted to the petitioner to move this Court. The applications stand disposed of.


3. In view of the letter of learned counsel for the respondent, the matter is adjourned by four weeks.


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& 1477 IN W.P.(C)No.202/19954. One month's time is granted to MoEF to file its report.Post after one month.I.A.NOS.2981-2982 IN I.A.NO.2439IN W.P.(C)No.202/19955. Two months time is granted to MoEF to file its report.Post after two months.IA NOS.3051-3053 IN W.P(C)No.202/19956. Three months time is granted to MoEF to file its report. Counter, if any, be filed within two weeks thereafter.List thereafter.I.A.NOS.3047-3048 IN W.P.(C)No.202/19957. List after three weeks.I.A.NO. 2066 @ CONT. PET. (C) NO. 133/2007 IN W.P(C)No.202/19958. Post in January, 2012.I.A. NO.3109 ARISING OUT OF CONT.PET.(Civil)No.241/2011 IN I.A.NO.1631 IN W.P(C)No.202/19959. Four weeks time is granted to learned counsel for the State of Karnataka to file affidavit. Thereafter, CEC to file its response until further orders.Post after January, 2012.IA NOS.2465-2466, 2467-2468 IN W.P(C)No.202/199510. Post after four weeks.In the meanwhile, learned counsel for the State of Andhra Pradesh is granted time to file reply.IA NOS.819-821 & 932 IN W.P(C)No.202/199511. Heard learned counsel for the parties.The disputes between the parties have been settled. We do not intend to further retain these matters. MoEF has submitted its recommendations. In view of those observations, the applications stand disposed of.IA NO.1344 IN IA 1270 & 1270 IN W.P(C)No.202/199512. Writ of mandamus is sought for seeking a direction to the State of Uttarakhand not to fell or remove any trees in the Deodar Forest grove of Tarakeshwarso that the uniqueness of the microeco-system of the area is sustained. Applicant, if so advised may move the State of Uttaranchal, if nothing turns out of that he can move this Court.Applications stand disposed of, with the above direction.IA NO.1672 IN W.P.(C) No. 202/199513. The State of Uttarakhand seeks time to file its response.Post after one month.IA NO.1673 IN W.P(C)No.202/199514. MoEF is directed to file its response with a copy of the guidelines already framed within two months.IA NO.1674 IN W.P(C)No.202/199515. The application is disposed of with direction to move proper application with entire details.IA Nos.2585-2586 IN W.P(C)No.202/199516. The prayer sought for is misconceived. Forest Department is directed to provide 3000 deodar trees, 2500 Oak trees and 500 rhododendron trees from the nurseries for plantation in the Tarakeshwar Reserve Forest.This prayer is over-ambitious and cannot be granted. The application is dismissed.IA NOS.2588-2589 IN W.P(C)No.202/199517. Await the report of CEC.Post after one month.IA NOS.2590-2591 IN W.P(C)No.202/199518. Await the report of CEC.Post after one month.IA NOS.3277-3280 IN W.P(C)No.202/199519. Issue notice returnable in two weeks.Dasti is also permitted.I.A.NOS.2421-2422 IN W.P.(C)No.202/199520. Four weeks time is granted to State of Bihar to file counter affidavit.I.A.NOS.3094-3095 IN W.P.(C)No.202/199521. The applications are allowed subject to the following conditions :"(i) felling of trees will be done after obtaining the approval of the Competent Authority under the Delhi Preservation of Trees Act, 1994;(ii) 5% of the Project cost will be deposited by the Project Authorities in the Ridge Management Board Fund of the Government of NCT of Delhi and which should be used by the Forest Department for the conservation and development of Delhi Ridge under close supervision and direction of the Delhi Ridge Management Baord ; and(iii) the DMRC will obtain the NOC from the DDA in respect of the DDA land at Aravalli Biodiversity Park; and execute a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Defence for the use of the Defence Land at Shankar Vihar, before taking up any construction work in these areas."I.A.NOS.12-13, 14-15, 16-17 & 18-19 IN SLP(C)No.19628-19629/200922. Learned ASG Mr. P.P. Malhotra sought time to file additional affidavit and prays for a week's time. he prayer is granted.Post it next Friday i.e. 25.11.2011.SLP(C)...CC 16157/201123. Learned ASG Mr. P.P. Malhotra sought time to file additional affidavit and prays for a week's time. The prayer is granted.Post it next Friday i.e. 25.11.2011.SLP(C)...CC 18235/201124. Learned ASG Mr. P.P. Malhotra sought time to file additional affidavit and prays for a week's time. The prayer is granted.Post it next Friday i.e. 25.11.2011.MOUNT ABUPART HEARDI.A.NO. 972 IN I.A.757, 1042-1045, 2949.IN 757 AND I.A.NO. ...IN I.A.NO. 757 AND I.A. NO..../2011 IN I.A. NO. 1042-1045 IN WP(C)NO.202/199525. Dr. Manish Singhvi, learned AAG resumed his arguments at 2.55 p.m. and was on his legs when the Court rose for the day leaving the matter part-heard.IA NO.100 IN W.P(C)No.337/1995 327.I.A.NOS. 1308, 1323, 1455, 1468, 1478 IN W.P(C)No.202/1995 328.Askot Musk Deer SanctuaryI.A. NO.1791-1792 IN W.P.(C)No.202/1995, IA NO.2716 IN W.P(C)No.202/1995, I.A.NO.2469 WITH I.A.NOS.2782, 2939-2940 AND I.A.NOS.3023-3024 IN IA 2782, 3030.AND 3032 IN W.P.(C)No.202/1995 With W.P(C)No.130/2011, SLP(C) NO.24627-24628/2011, SLP(C)No.3941/2010, SLP(C)No.28519/2008, I.A.NOS. 2642 IN W.P.(C)No.202/1995, I.A. NO.2717 IN I.A. NOS.1135-1136 IN W.P.(C)No.202/1995, I.A. NO.2785 & 3025 IN W.P.(C)No.202/1995Panchmarhi Matters (Tiger Reserve Etc.)I.A.NOS.2202-2203,I.A.NOS.2601 & 2915-2917 In I.A.NOS. 2202-2203, 2602, 2929-2931 With 1606, 2002-2004, 2011, 2062-2063 IN 1220 IN 548 IN WP(C)NO.202/1995 With I.A.NO.1697 IN 548 and 2595-2596 IN W.P(C)No.202/1995, IA NOS.2155-2156 & 2680 IN IA NO. 2156, 3275 IN W.P(C)No.202/1995, I.A.NO.3117 IN IA 1991 AND 1991 IN W.P.(C)No.202/199526. Not taken up.

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