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SMT. LALITA DEVI V/S UNION OF INDIA, decided on Monday, December 13, 2010.
[ In the High Court of Patna, Miscellaneous Appeal No.488 Of 2009. ] 13/12/2010
Advocate(s) : Manoj Kumar Ambastha, Anil Singh.
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        Anjana Prakash J.(1.) The appellant is aggrieved by the order dated 01.05.2009 passed in Claim Application No. O.A. 00131 of 1998 by the Railway Claims Tribunal Patna Bench Patna by which the tribunal has dismissed the claim application of the appellant.(2.) On going through the judgment impugned I find that in fact two claimants had appeared for compensation before the court below and when both the claimants were asked to be present in court none of them appeared. One of them was the appellant. When she was directed to file certain documents with regard to her identity on the case being remanded by this court she failed to submit such documents before the court below.(3.) Having no option the Tribunal dismissed the claim application of the appellant and for valid reasons.(4.) In view of such finding no merit in this appeal the same is dismissed.