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Orissa Dramatic Performances Act, 1962

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Few Judgments On This Act:-

  N.V. Sankaran alias Gnani Versus The State of Tamil Nadu, represented by Secretary to Government, Chennai & Others, 23/01/2013.  

  Dhiraj Dharamdas Dewani Versus M/s Sonal Info Systems Pvt. Ltd. & Others, 06/03/2012.  

  The Gramophone Company of India Ltd Versus Super Cassette Industries Ltd., 01/07/2010.  

  Thiru Sabanatha Oli Sivachariyar Versus The Commissioner, H.R. & C.E. Department & Others, 24/03/2010.  

  Sr.Annie, Manager. St.Charles Convent School & Another Versus Kerala State Electricity Board & Others , 06/04/2009.  

  Jaskaran Singh Brar Versus State of Punjab, 15/10/2004.  

  Satradhikar, Bengana Ati Satra Versus State Of Assam, 02/05/2000.  

  Commissioner of Income Tax Versus Vasani and Company , 14/03/1985.  

  Rustom Cavasjee Cooperv. Union of India,. (Writ Petition No. 222 of 1969) and Rustom Cavasjee Cooper,v. Union of India,. (Writ Petition No. 300 of 1969) and T. M. Gurubuxani Versus Union of India(Writ Petition No. 298 of 1969) , 10/02/1970.  

  Madanlal Kapur Versus State of Rajasthan, 22/10/1952.  

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