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Few Judgments On This Act:-

  Farkhondeh Khanum Versus The Board of Wakfs, West Bengal & Another , 04/11/2016.  

  J. Wilfred & Others Versus Ministry of Environment and Forests, Through the Principal Secretary & Others, 02/09/2016.  

  Ebiz.Com Pvt. Ltd. Versus Union of India & Others, 01/09/2016.  

  M/s. Shanti Conductors(P) Ltd. Another Versus Assam State Electricity Board & Others, 31/08/2016.  

  Dr. Mahesh Vijay Bedekar Versus State of Maharashtra & Others, 16/08/2016.  

  Jagmohan Singh Bhatti & Another Versus Union of India & Others, 12/08/2016.  

  R. Gowrishankar Versus The Commissioner of Service Tax (Appeals)-I, Chennai & Another, 13/06/2016.  

  Society of Indian Automobile Manufactures Versus State of Kerala, through its Chief Secertary & Others , 10/06/2016.  

  Suresh Kumar Bansal & Others Versus Union of India & Others, 03/06/2016.  

  M/s. Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited name changed as M/s. Sun pharmaceuticals Limited represented by Arun Sawhney (for short, ?Sun?) & Others Versus State of Telangana through P.S. Central Crime Station, Hyderabad, represented by its Public Prosecutor & Another, 01/04/2016.  

  Indus Motors Company Pvt. Ltd. Versus The Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax, 17/02/2016.  

  M. Venkateswarlu Versus Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation, rep. by its Managing Director & Others, 29/01/2016.  

  Sufiar Rahaman @ Sk. Sufiar Rahaman Versus The State of West Bengal, 06/07/2015.  

  Orix Auto Infrastructure Services Ltd. Versus Commissioner, Dvat, Delhi & Others, 05/02/2015.  

  Shreemad Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shree Shree Raghaveshwara Bharati Swamiji Versus State of Karnataka, CID, Special Cell, Bangalore, 03/12/2014.  

  Planters Forum, A Private Trust represented by its Secretary & Another Versus State of Kerala, represented by The Chief Secretary To Government & Another, 17/11/2014.  

  S. Selvakumar Versus State of Tamil Nadu & Others, 14/11/2014.  

  Prabhat Singh & Others Versus State, 08/07/2014.  

  Maheswari Versus The Secretary to Government & Others, 22/05/2014.  

  MD. Jamiluddin Nasir Versus State of West Bengal, 21/05/2014.  

  State of Maharashtra Versus Sadashiv Jetappa Kamble , 08/05/2014.  

  Arun Barua Versus The State of West Bengal & Others, 28/03/2014.  

  (1) Dr. Balram Prasad; (2) Advanced Medicare & Research Institute Limited; (3) Dr. Baidyanath Haldar v/s (1) Dr. Kunal Saha and others; (2) Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee and others, 24/10/2013.  

  Pragyasingh Chandrapalsingh Thakur & Another Versus State of Maharashtra Through Additional Chief Secretary, Home Department & Others, 11/10/2013.  

  Yakub Abdul Razak Memon Versus The State of Maharashtra, through CBI , Bombay, 21/03/2013.  

  Essa @ Anjum Abdul Razak Memon (A-3) Versus & Others The State of Maharashtra, through STF, CBI Mumbai & Others, 21/03/2013.  

  Panacea Biotech Ltd. Versus Commissioner of Trade &Taxes & Others, 14/12/2012.  

  Asoke Sawoo & Others Versus The State of West Bengal, 05/10/2012.  

  State of Maharashtra Versus Purushottam Dashrath Borate & Another, 25/09/2012.  

  Mohammed Ajmal Mohammad Amir Kasab @ Abu Mujahid & Others Versus State Of Maharashtra & Others, 29/08/2012.  

  The Planters' Association of Tamil Nadu, 42, A.T.T. Colony, Coimbatore & Another Versus The Secretary to Government, Labour & Employment Department, Government of Tamil Nadu, Fort St. George, Chennai & Others, 05/06/2012.  

  MS. The Windsor Castle, Kodimatha, Kottayam, Represented By M.O. Asramam Managing Director Versus The Commercial Tax Officer (Works Contract) & Another, 21/05/2012.  

  Mahendra Kumar & Others Versus State of Uttar Pradesh & Others, 03/05/2012.  

  Shimnit Utsch India Private Limited Versus State of Karnataka rep. by its Chief Secretary & Others, 20/04/2012.  

  Society for Un-aided Private Schools of Rajasthan Versus U.O.I. & Another, 12/04/2012.  

  Institute Of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences Versus Govt. Of NCT Of Delhi & Others, 05/03/2012.  

  In Re: Ramlila Maidan Incident Dt.4/5.06.2011 Versus Home Secretary, Union Of India & Others, 23/02/2012.  

  Maninderjit Singh Bitta Versus Union of India & Others, 07/02/2012.  

  Hussainali Sharif Punjwani & Others Versus The Board of Trustees of the Port of Bombay, 18/01/2012.  

  Ayisha Beevi & Others Versus Sheik Mydeen & Others, 23/12/2011.  

  Rita Das Versus Jayashri Ghosh & Others, 14/12/2011.  

  Rohit Shekhar Versus Shri Narayan Dutt Tiwari & Another, 23/09/2011.  

  Bharti Telemedia Ltd & Others Versus Government Of NCT Of Delhi & Another, 05/09/2011.  

  Dharam Pal Satya Pal Ltd. & Others Versus The Commissioner, Value Added Tax & Others, 02/09/2011.  

  Retailers Association of India (RAI) & Others Versus Union of India & Others, 04/08/2011.  

  Devendra Pratap Singh Versus Union Of India, 08/07/2011.  

  (1) Fuerst Day Lawson Limited; (2) Jindal Exports Limited; (3) ITE India Private Limited; (4) Shivnath Rai Harnarain India Company; (5) Tinna Finex Limited; (6) Sea Stream Navigation Limited Versus (1) Jindal Exports Limited; (2) Fuerst Day Lawson; (3) Mukesh Sharma and others; (4) Glencore Grain Rotterdam; (5) National Ability S. A. and another; (6) LMJ International Limited, 08/07/2011.  

  Neema Goyal Versus Union Of India & Another, 04/07/2011.  

  Mira Roy Chowdhury & Others Versus Arup Saha & Others, 01/04/2011.  

  Ismayil Versus Deputy Tahsildar & Others, 14/03/2011.  

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