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Few Judgments On This Act:-

  P.J. Joseph Versus State of Kerala, Represented By The Public Prosecutor & Another, 06/07/2017.  

  Sachidanandhan Versus Vijesh & Another, 20/01/2016.  

  Bani Saha Versus The State of West Bengal & Others, 07/01/2016.  

  Jagdishbhai Versus State of Gujarat, 08/10/2015.  

  R.C.C. (Sales) Private Limited & Another Versus E.S.I. Corporation & Others, 03/07/2015.  

  Kashi Math Samsthan, Benaras Rep. by its Matadhipathi Srimad Raghavendra Thirtha Swami & Another Versus Srimad Sudhindra Thirtha Swami Vyasashrama, Haridwar Rep. by GPA Agent Guru Ganapathi Prabhu & Another, 01/06/2015.  

  B. Chandrakala Versus A. Anuradha & Another, 31/12/2014.  

  M. Shatrunjaya Shetty & Others Versus Land Tribunal, Karkala, Udupi District & Others, 02/12/2014.  

  Cheedella Padmavathi & Others Versus Cheedella Lakshminarasimha Rao (died) per LRs. & Others, 23/09/2014.  

  Radhesh Singh Versus Vineet Singh & Others, 22/05/2014.  

  Tolaram Bafna Artificial Limb & Caliper Centre & Others Versus The State of Assam, represented by the Commissioner & Secretary to the Government of Assam, Health & Family Welfare Department, Guwahati, 07/02/2014.  

  C.K.P. Moosa Keyi & Others Versus Tellicherry Municipality, represented by its Secretary & Another, 23/07/2013.  

  Threesiamma Jacob & Others Versus Geologist, Dptt. of Mining & Geology & Others, 08/07/2013.  

  Md. Sabir Versus Md. Abdul Washid, 26/04/2013.  

  Karre Narasimha (Died per LRs) & Others Versus Joint Collector, Ranga Reddy District & Others, 25/04/2013.  

  Athiappan & Others Versus Palaniappan & Others, 04/04/2013.  

  Gadda Balaiah & Others Versus The Joint Collector, Ranga Reddy District & Others, 25/02/2013.  

  ITI Limited Bangalore Versus The Tahsildar & Others, 01/01/2013.  

  Kamakshi Lamipack Private Limited, rep.by its Director Versus The Government of Tamil Nadu, rep.by its Secretary to Government, Energy Department & Others, 30/11/2012.  

  Christopher Karkada, Bangalore & Others Versus Church of South India, rep. by its Modarator Rt. Rev. K.G. Samuel & Others, 19/11/2011.  

  Leelawanti & Others Versus State of Haryana & Others, 04/11/2011.  

  Riju Prasad Sarma & Others Versus State of Assam & Others, 25/10/2011.  

  E.I.D. Parry (I) Ltd, Chennai & Others Versus The State of Tamil Nadu Rep by Principal Secretary to Government, Chennai & Others, 06/06/2011.  

  Silver City Landmark Pvt. Ltd. Versus B.D. & P. Hotels (India) Pvt. Ltd. & Others, 17/03/2011.  

  Union of India Versus Pam Developments (P) Ltd, 05/10/2010.  

  Modi Fibres Ltd. Versus Modi Rubber Ltd., 30/04/2010.  

  J. Saraswathy Amma Versus N. Sreedharan Nair, Arkal Veedu & Others, 06/04/2010.  

  S. Mallesh S/o S.Muttaiah & others versus The Government of A.P., represented by its Revenue Secretary, Secretariat, Hyderabad & others, 13/11/2009.  

  Bhagwan Singh Versus Nanak Singh & Others, 15/09/2009.  

  Laila Beevi @ Laila Buhari Versus N. Sumina @ Summayya & Others, 13/08/2009.  

  R. Manohara warrier & Others Versus State of Kerala, represented by the Secretary to Devaswom Department & Others , 21/05/2009.  

  M/S Kohli Housing And Development Pvt. Ltd & Others Versus M/S Convenience Enterprises Pvt. Ltd , 27/04/2009.  

  M/s. Malhan Construction & Others Versus N.K. Gupta & Another, 25/03/2009.  

  Vodafone International Holdings B.V., a company incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act Versus Union of India, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi & Another , 03/12/2008.  

  Jabal C. Lashkari Versus O.L. Of Prasad Mills Limited, 17/10/2008.  

  M. Haridass & Others Versus The State of Tamil Nadu rep. by its Secretary to Government & Others , 03/06/2008.  

  M. Ganesa Reddiar & Others Versus C. Krishnasamy Raju , 22/04/2008.  

  Saravana Theatre Versus T. Ramalingam , 28/02/2008.  

  Henriqueta Maria Julieta Leonor Pereira de Sa e Souza alias Julieta De Souza & Another Versus State of Goa & Others , 27/02/2008.  

  Reliance Natural Resources Ltd Versus Reliance Industries Limited , 15/10/2007.  

  Kaushalyabai Biharilal Pateriya (Dead) through L.Rs. & Another Versus Hiralal Bhagwandas Gupta (Dead) through L.Rs. & Others , 18/12/2006.  

  Kaushalyabai Biharilal Pateriya Versus Hiralal Bhagwandas Gupta , 18/12/2006.  

  S. Nagender Versus The Government of Andhra Pradesh & Others , 06/04/2006.  

  Govt. of A.P. and Another Versus Syed Akbar , 19/11/2004.  

  Bhakti Hari Nayak Versus Vidyawati Gupta, S.C. Agarwala (HUF), 09/06/2004.  

  Multiversity Versus Vidhan Educational Socity, 22/03/2004.  

  Land Acquisition Officer-cum-Revenue Divisional Officer & Others Versus Mekala Pandu & Others , 09/03/2004.  

  Land Acquisition Officer-cum-R.D.O., Chevella Division, Hyderabad and others Versus Mekala Pandu and others , 09/03/2004.  

  Krishnamurarilal G Agarwal Versus Union of India, 11/02/2004.  

  Ganga Retreat and Towers Ltd. and another Versus State of Rajasthan and others , 19/12/2003.  

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