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JOHN KENNETH SLAVICH V/S THE QUEEN, decided on Friday, September 21, 2012.
[ In the Court of Appeal of New Zealand, CA No. 38 of 2012. ] 21/09/2012
Advocate(s) : In Person. B C L Charmley.
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    Harrison J.[1] John Slavich appeals against a decision of Heath J given in the High Court at Hamilton on 13 December 2011[1] dismissing an application to set aside or recall his decision delivered on 12 October 2006[2] convicting Mr Slavich of various dishonesty offences.[2] Mr Slavich appealed against his 2006 conviction in the High Court. This Court dismissed his appeal on 15 May 2009.[3] Mr Slavich applied for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court. On 10 August 2009 his application for leave was declined.[4] On 13 September 2011 the Supreme Court dismissed Mr Slavich’s application to recall its earlier decision.[5] On 22 November 2011 this Court dismissed Mr Slavich’s application for an order recalling its 2009 decision.[6] Mr Slavich has since applied again to this Court to recall its 2009 and 2011 decisions. In a decision delivered contemporaneously with this judgment we have dismissed that application.[7][3] We are satisfied that Heath J correctly dismissed Mr Slavich’s application to recall for want of jurisdiction on the ground that it was a collateral attack on the earlier judgments of this Court and the Supreme Court which had fully considered and determined the same issues which Mr Slavich now seeks to raise and argue again.[4] We are satisfied also that Mr Slavich’s appeal is an abuse of this Court’s process.[5] The appeal is dismissed.1. Slavich v New Zealand Police HC Hamilton CIV-2006-419-89 13 December 2011.2. R v Slavich (verdict) HC Hamilton CIV-2006-419-89 12 October 2006.3. R v Slavich [2009] NZCA 188.4. Slavich v R [2009] NZSC 87.5. Slavich v R [2011] NZSC 103.6. Slavich v R [2011] NZCA 586.7. Slavich v R [2012] NZCA 431.