Section 3

Procedure to be followed for reinsurance arrangements

(1) Every life insurer shall draw up a programme of reinsurance in respect of lives covered by him.

(2) The profile of such a programme, duly certified by the Appointed Actuary, which shall include the name(s) of the reinsurer(s) with whom the insurer proposes to place business, shall be filed with the Authority, at least forty five days before the commencement of each financial year, by the insurer.

Provided that the Authority may, if it considers necessary, elicit from the insurer any additional information, from time to time, and the insurer shall furnish the same to the Authority forthwith.

(3) The Authority shall scrutinise such a programme of reinsurance as referred to in sub-regulation (2), and may suggest changes, if it consider necessary, and the insurer shall incorporate such changes forthwith in his programme.

(4) Every insurer shall retain the maximum premium earned in India commensurate with his financial strength and volume of business.

(5) The reinsurer, chosen by the insurer, shall enjoy a credit rating of a minimum of BBB of Standard and Poor or equivalent rating of any international rating agency:

Provided that placement of business by the insurer with any other reinsurer shall be with the prior approval of the Authority.

Provided further that no programme of reinsurance shall be on original premium basis unless the Authority approves such programme.

Provided further that no life insurer shall have reinsurance treaty arrangement with its promoter company or its associate/group company, except on terms which are commercially competitive in the market and with the prior approval of the Authority, which shall be final and binding.

(6) Every insurer shall submit to the Authority statistics relating to its reinsurance transactions in such forms as it may specify, together with its annual accounts.