w w w . L a w y e r S e r v i c e s . i n

Section 38

Power of Board to make regulations

(1) The Board may, by notification, make regulations, not inconsistent with this Act and the rules made thereunder, for the purpose of giving effect to the provisions of this Act.

(2) In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power, such regulations may provide for,

(a) all matters expressly required or allowed by this Act to be laid down by regulations;

(b) the terms and the conditions of appointment and service and the scales of pay of officers and servants of the Board, including the payment of travelling and daily allowances in respect of journeys undertaken by such officers and servants of the Board;

(c) the supervision and control over the acts and proceedings of the officers and servants of the Board and the maintenance of discipline and conduct among the officers and servants of the Board;

(d) the procedure in regard to the transaction of business at the meetings of the Board including the quorum:

(e) the purpose for which and the manner in which temporary association of persons may be made;

(f) the duties, the functions, the terms and conditions of service of the members of the committees;

(g) the manner and the form relating to the maintenance of the accounts of the Board.

(3) No regulation or its cancellation or modification shall have effect until the same shall have been approved by the Government.

(4) The Government may, by notification rescind any regulation made under this Section and thereupon, the regulation shall cease to have effect.