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Section 32

Supersession of the Board

(1) If the Government are of opinion that the Board is unable to perform or has persistently made default in the performance of, the duty imposed on it by or under this Act or has exceeded or abused its powers, they may, by notification, supersede the Board for a period not exceeding six months as may be specified in the notification:

Provided that before issuing a notification under this sub section, the Government shall, by notice require the Board to show cause within such period as may be specified in the notice why it would not be superseded and shall consider the explanations and objections, if any, of the Board.

(2) Upon the publication of a notification under sub section (1) superseding the Board,

(a) the Chairman and all the members of the Board shall, as from the date of supersession, vacate their offices as such ;

(b) all the powers and duties which may, by or under the provisions of this Act be exercised or performed by or on behalf of the Board and the Chairman shall, during the period of supersession be exercised and performed by such authority or person as the Government may direct:

(c) all funds and other property vested in the Board shall, during the period of supersession, vest in the authority or person referred to in clause (b);and

(d) all liabilities, legally subsisting and enforceable against the Board shall be enforceable against the authority or person referred to in clause (b) to the extent the funds and properties vested in it or him.

(3) On the expiration of the period of supersession specified in the notification issued under Sub section (1), the Government may,

(a) extend the period of supersession for such further period not exceeding six months as these may consider necessary; or

(b) reconstitute the Board in the manner provided in sub section (3) of Section 4.