w w w . L a w y e r S e r v i c e s . i n

Section 3

Constitution of Andhra Pradesh Labour Welfare Fund

(1) The Government shall constitute a fund to be called the Andhra Pradesh Labour Welfare Fund, and notwithstanding anything contained in any other law for the time being in force or in any contract or instrument, all unpaid accumulations shall be paid, at such intervals as may be prescribed, to the Board, and be credited to the Fund and the Board shall keep a separate account therefor until claims thereto have been decided in the manner, provided for in Section 8.

(2) There shall also be credited to the Fund:

(a) unpaid accumulations paid to the Board under Section 8;

(b) all fines including the amount realised under Standing Orders issued under the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Rules, 1953 from the employees by the employees notwithstanding anything contained in any agreement between the employer and the employee.

(c) deductions made under the proviso to sub section (2) of Section 9 of the Payment of Wages Act, 1936.

(d) contribution by employers and employees;

(e) any interest by way of penalty paid under Section 9;

(f) any voluntary donations;

(g) any amount raised by the Board from other sources to augment the resources of the Board;

(h) any fund transferred under sub section (5) of Section 12;

(i) any sum borrowed under Section 13;

(j) grants or advances made by the Government.

(k) any money deposited under sub section (1) of Section 8 of the Workmen s Compensation Act, 1923 as compensation in respect of a deceased workman where the Commissioner for Workmen s Compensation is satisfied after necessary enquiry that no dependent exists, subject however, to the deductions permissible under the said sub section; as also any amount remaining undisbursed out of such deposits.

(3) The sums specified in sub section (2) shall be paid to, or collected by, such agencies, at such intervals and in such manner, and the accounts of the Fund shall be maintained and audited in such manner as may be prescribed.