w w w . L a w y e r S e r v i c e s . i n

Section Title
  1 Short title and commencement
  3 Constitution of Andhra Pradesh Labour Welfare Fund
  4 Establishment and functions of Andhra Pradesh Labour Welfare Board
  5 Disqualifications and removal
  6 Resignation of office by member and filling up casual vacancies
  7 Power to appoint Committees
  8 Unpaid accumulations transferred to the Fund and claims thereto
  9 Insert on unpaid accumulation of fines after notice of demand
  10 Contribution to the Fund by employee and employer
  11 Grants and advances by the Government
  12 Vesting and application of the Fund
  13 Power of Board to borrow
  14 Deposits of Fund and placing of accounts and audit report before the Government
  15 Investment of Fund
  16 Directions by Government to Board
  17 Appointment and powers of Welfare Commissioner
  18 Appointment of Inspectors
  19 Appointment of clerical and other staff by Board
  20 Power of Government over staff of Board in certain cases
  21 Allotment of certain officers and staff to the Board
  22 Transfer of Provident Fund to the Board
  23 Powers of Government or authorised officer to call for records, etc.
  24 Mode of recovery of sums payable into the Fund, etc.
  25 Penalty for obstructing inspection or for failure to produce documents, etc.
  26 Cognizance of offences
  27 Offences by companies
  28 Limitation of prosecution
  29 Power to supervise the welfare activities of an establishment
  30 Penalty for non compliance with the direction of the Board
  31 Annual Report
  32 Supersession of the Board
  33 Delegation of powers
  34 Members of Board, Welfare Commissioner, Inspectors and all officers and servants of the Board to be public servants
  35 Protection of action taken in good faith
  36 Exemption
  37 Power of Government to make rules
  38 Power of Board to make regulations
  39 Amendment of Section 8 of the Central Act 4 of 1936 In sub section (8) of section 8 of the Payment of Wages Act, 1936, before the Explanation, the following shall be inserted, namely: "but in the case of any establishment to which the Andhra Pradesh Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1987 applies, all such realisations shall be paid into the Fund constituted under the said Act".
  40 Amendment of Section 8 of Central Act 8 of 1923