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Lawyer Services is a revolution in the lives
of lawyers, where by they can get
everything from judgments, central
acts, local acts, ready precedent
documents, causelists on sms,
scheduling, research management,
Case/ Clients/ Finance/ PR
Management systems, and a LOT
more, all under one roof, with a separate
login for EACH person in the office.

Board, Causelist on SMS, Email, District Court (City Civil, Sessions, Small Causes, Labor, Industrial, Motor Accidents, Metropolitan Magistrate, SEBI, DRT, etc) Boards on SMS and Email, Case / Time sheet / Client / Finance / Schedule Management, Police Station Directories, Calculators, Notifications, Circulars
Acts, Central and State, Tag sections, Ready Document Formats, Precedents, Government Resolutions, Judgments all India, Tag judgments, Bookmark, Create Research Diary, Latest case laws, Ready Reference Manuals, Counsel brief manager with alerts, Multiple logins, etc

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BOARD FOR INDUSTRIAL AND FINANCIAL RECONSTRUCTION (SALARIES AND ALLOWANCES AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE OF CHAIRMAN AND OTHER MEMBERS) RULES, 1987       BANKING REGULATION ACT, 1949       Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Amendment Act, 1960       Unlawful Activities (Prevention) (Amendment) Act, 2008       Gas Cylinders (Amendment) Rules, 2007       Commissions for Protection of Child Rights Act, 2005       GOVERNORS (EMOLUMENTS, ALLOWANCES AND PRIVILEGES) AMENDMENT, 2014       LAND ACQUISITION (WEST BENGAL AMENDMENT) ACT, 1997       WEST BENGAL LUXURY TAX ACT, 1994       ESSENTIAL COMMODITIES (ORISSA AMENDMENT) ACT, 1976       SIKKIM ESSENTIAL SERVICES MAINTENANCE (AMENDMENT) ACT, 2002       Orissa Additional Sales Tax Act, 1975       Orissa Municipal Councils (Postponement or Elections) (No. 2) Act, 1983       ORISSA ELECTRICITY (DUTY) AMENDMENT ACT, 1979       NAGALAND DEPUTY SPEAKER'S SALARY AND ALL0 WANCES (AMENDMENT) ACT, 1999       MAHARASHTRA CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES RULES, 1961       Maharashtra Municipal Councils, Nagar Panchayats and Industrial Townships, 2001       Kerala Land conservancy Act, 1957       UNIVERSITY LAWS (AMENDMENT) AMENDING ACT, 2005       TAMIL NADU MARUMAKKATTAYAM (REMOVAL OF DOUBTS) ACT, 1955       Karnataka Economic Offences (Inapplicability of Limitation) Act, 1981       Karnataka Registered Clerks Welfare Fund Rules, 2009       The Criminal Law Amendment (Extension) Ordinance, 1957 (Ordinance No. 8 of 1957), is hereby repealed., 1947       Gujarat Electricity Supply Undertakings (Acquisition) Act, 1969       MADHYA PRADESH LAND REVENUE CODE (AMENDMENT) ACT, 1960      

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N. Dhanapal & Others Versus The State Represented by the Inspector of Police     The Special Tahsildar, Land Acquisition, Chennai Versus A. Ganes & Another     Omniplast Pvt. Ltd. Versus Standard Chartered Bank & Others     Commnr. of Customs, New Delhi-IV Versus Aryan Electronics     M/s. Caress Industries, Represented by its designated Officer, K. Muthusamy & Another Versus A. Valarmathi, The Additional Director of Agriculture     Inspector General of Police, Chennai & Others Versus B. Raghavendran     I. Santhanam Versus The Branch Manager, Indian Bank, Kadayanallur Branch, Tirunelveli     Seetha @ Seethalakshmiammal & Another Versus Selvi & Another     Madalappura Kunhikoya & Others Versus Kunnamgalam Beebi & Others     Mehrunnisa Versus The State Rep by its Secretary to Government, Home, Prohibition & Excise Dept, Chennai & Another     Ramesh & Others Versus State Rep. By Inspector of Police, Dharmapuri     High Court of Andhra Pradesh, rep. by Its Registrar (Vigilance), Hyderabad Versus Nirmala K.R. Dayavathi & Another     State Rep. by Insp. of Police CCIW/CID Dharmapuri Unit Versus K. Ramesh, Etc. & Another     Kamta & Another Versus Gaya Prasad & Others     Kandeeban & Others Versus State Rep. By Inspector of Police, Chennai     Madras Bar Association Versus Union of India & Others     Uma Shanker Srivastava Versus S.N. Misra     The Chairman, National Highways Authority of India & Others Versus R. Murali & Others     Lalitha Versus The State of Tamilnadu Rep. by Inspector of Police, Dharmapuri     T.K. Ramesh Kumar Versus State Tr. Police Inspector, Bangalore     State Rep. By The Deputy Superintendent of Police, Ulundurpet P.S. Versus P. Veeran & Another     Manimaran Versus The State Rep. By Inspector of Police, All Women Police Station, Gingee     Turabuddin Haji Niaz Ahmad & Others Versus Commissioner, Meerut Division & Others     M. Nandhakumar & Others Versus State Rep. by the Deputy Superintendent of Police R2, Perur Police Station, Coimbatore     Purple Medical Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Versus MIV Therapeutics INC & Another     M. Sundaresan Chertiar Versus A. Muthuvelavendan Nadar     Reliance General Insurance Company Limited, & Another Versus Jageshwar Singh & Others     Suo Motu represented by The Registrar (Subordinate Judiciary) Versus The Union of India represented by its Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Department of Economics Affairs, New Delhi & Others     Sampa Goswami (Naskar) Versus State of West Bengal & Others     Thiruvananthapuram Development Authority (TRIDA), represented by its Secretary Versus Thomas Abraham & Others     P.C. Achankunju Versus House of Tiles & Others     Karamjit Singh Rudra, Versus Autopace Sales (P) Limited, Industrial Area, Chandigarh & Another     Mohamed Ghouse Versus Mohamed Yusuf & Another     The Director (Admn) National Airport Authority of India Versus Shri Suresh Kumar     Nilesh N. Shah & Another Versus The Officer in charge/Investigating Officer & Another     M/s. Sendur Recreation Club A. Kurichi, Rep by its President P. Ananthakumar Versus The Superintendent of Police, Coimbatore & Others     M/s. Ghosh Jewellery Versus C.I.T., Kolkata     West Bengal State Electricity Board & Others Versus Sakshi Gopal Chowdhury     Arvind Kumar Jain Versus State of Raj     Jessop & Company Limited & Another Versus Union of India & Others     Ashok Bind Versus The State (Govt. of NCT of Delhi)     Subimal Kanti Paul Versus Parimal Paul     Promising Exports Limited & Others Versus Union of India & Others     Hari Ram Versus State of Rajasthan through P.P.     Shaikh Mustafa & Others Versus State of Maharashtra     State of Maharashtra through Police Inspector, Anti Corruption Bureau Versus Prabhakar     Aniruddha Ashok Sankhpal Versus State of Maharashtra & Others     State of Punjab Versus Jaswinder Singh     Union of India & Others Versus Tarsem Singh     Union of India & Another Versus M/s. Kumho Petrochemicals Company Limited & Another     M/s. L.G.B. Educational Foundation, Rep by its Authorised Representative S. Sivakumar Versus The Inspector General of Registration, Chennai & Others     State of Punjab Versus Pargat Singh & Others     Badshah Versus State     Haresh Nagindas Vora & Another Versus Union Of India & Another     M/s. R. Jagdish Tea Company Versus State of M.P. & Another     M/s. Arihant Udhyog Versus State of Rajasthan & Others     Raseed & Another Versus State of Rajasthan     Haryana Urban Development Authority & Others Versus Sanjay Kumar     Syed Zainulabeddin Versus Government of Andhra Pradesh, rep by its Principal Secretary, Revenue Departnment & Others     Chittaranjan Shetty Versus State By C.B.I Bangalore     Association of Private Medicaland Dental Colleges of Chhattisgarh Versus State of Chhattisgarh & Others     Kanchan Udyog Limited Versus United Spirits Limited     Khaitan Consultants Ltd. Versus Sulata De & Others     S.E.B.I. Versus Sahara India Real Estate Corporation Ltd. & Others     Madan Lal Agarwal Versus State of West Bengal & Others     State of J & K Versus Wasim Ahmed Malik @ Hamid & Another     Lakhanpal Ltd. Versus Commissioner of C. Ex. & Cus, Vadodara     DSC-Viacon Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (Now Known as DSC Ventures Pvt. Ltd.) Versus Lal Manohar Pandey & Others     Chandra Alin & Others Versus State of West Bengal & Others     Union of India & Others Versus Sancheti Food Products Ltd.     Waryam Steel Castings Pvt. Ltd. Versus Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd. & Another     Gajendra Versus The State of Maharashtra, through P.S. Rajapeth, District Amravati & Another     Dakshin Kalikata Sansad & Another Versus The State of West Bengal & Others     Commissioner of Central Excise, Madurai Versus Madura Coats Ltd.     Mohd. Mustak. Mohamad Ismail Versus The Special Land Acquisition Officer & Others     Kamta Prasad Versus Om Wati     Mahender Kumar Kundia Versus Union of India     Commissioner of Income-Tax Versus Essar Projects Ltd.     Sinhgad Technical Education Society & Another Versus UOI & Others     Farooq Ahmad Versus Muneshwar Bux Singh     Mitali Chakraborti (Bhattachary) Versus State of West Bengal & Others     Dharmaraj Versus The State of Maharashtra & Another     Avishek Raja & Others Versus Sanjay Gupta     Pension Sanctioning Authority, PCDA (P) Allahabad & Others Versus M.L. George, Ex. SGT     S. Nataraj Sharma Versus State of Karnataka & Others     M.M.L. Sahni & Another Versus Union of India & Others     Director (Thrisul Project) Drdo, A.P. Versus P.B. Varalakshmi & Others     Ganga Glass Works (Private) Ltd., Balwali Versus State of U.P., & Others     K.P.M. Builders Pvt. Ltd. Versus National Highways Auth. of India & Another     Jiaur Rahaman Versus State of West Bengal & Others     K. Paramasivam Versus The District Collector, Tiruchirapalli & Others     Sultan Singh Versus Assistant Registrar Incharge Jhansl Division & Others     Commissioner of Central Excise Versus Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.     C.E.S.C. Ltd. & Another Versus State of West Bengal & Another     Nanak Chand Versus Goswami Preetam Lal     Amita Mitra & Others Versus Arun Kumar Chatterjee     S. Naviya Versus The State of Tamil Nadu, Represented by its Secretary, Department of Home, Prohibition & Excise, Chennai & Another     Naveenkumar Versus The State of Karnataka represented by its Kunigal Police, Kunigal & Another     Kundan Versus Vasudeo & Another     C.C.E., Vishakhapatnam-III Versus Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Ltd.